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The Advantages of a Smartphone Camera

A built-in camera is a must-have feature that smartphones have these days. Not only is it an essential requirement nowadays, but some smartphone companies make it a point to install high-quality cameras on their phones like the Vivo V15 for customers to take concise and clear pictures.

Thanks to smartphone cameras, mobile photography is possible for everyone. Here are some advantages of built-in cameras in smartphones:

Light and easy

When professional photographers take pictures, it’s common to see them carry their equipment in multiple bags. Professional cameras, lenses and other equipment are also heavy, making it inconvenient to carry them around.

Smartphone cameras, on the other hand, weigh like any other smartphone. They’re also compact and small enough to fit in your pocket or bag. There’s no need to carry lenses or other camera accessories.

vivo v15

Share photos instantly

Most of the time, you have to get home and plug your camera into a computer to view your pictures when it comes to regular photography. Then, you have to transfer your photos to your phone if you want to share it on social media.

Taking pictures with your smartphone eliminates all the unnecessary process. You can upload any photo taken with your phone instantly to any social media platform.

Back up to the cloud

There’s a risk of losing or corrupted memory card when you’re using a regular camera. Losing your pictures can be a very devasting feeling.

For smartphone cameras, there’s a safety net for protecting your photos called the cloud. If you allow the settings, your phone can automatically back up your photo to the cloud.

Augmented reality (AR) applications

Due to the advancement of technology, our smartphones can do so much more than what we had in the past decade. One of the best things you can do with your smartphone cameras is augmented reality (AR).

AR uses the differences in images from the camera to create a depth map. With the depth map, smartphones can display synthetic objects on surfaces in the scene. This allows the objects in your phone screen to turn alive and move around.


In many ways, smartphone cameras make photography accessible and convenient for everyone. Instead of comparing mobile photography and regular photography, we should just embrace their differences and acknowledge their own advantages.

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