RHB Bank All Geared Up to Lead the Domestic Financial Industry

RHB Bank: A Lot More Than Credit Cards and Loans

Presently, RHB Bank is just one of the leaders of the financial sector in Malaysia. With foundations laid down in 10 countries within the SEA regions such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand; RHB Bank is confident to grow faster by providing banking facilities that can help both businesses and individuals in line with their respective needs. RHB Bank views this as a proven way to serve their customers better.

Individuals and businesses have the freedom to create their savings and current account with RHB Bank conveniently and benefit from a highly competitive interest rate as they transfer money in their bank account. If they intend to make any transactions online, they’re now able to easily utilize internet banking services, RHB Now. For offline transactions, they may access the ATM & CDM machines as well as MEPS ATM quite easily for withdrawal.

RHB Bank happens to be monitoring the trend shift in terms of purchase from using cash to the cashless method and has seen that this triggered even greater demand for credit cards. Based on the information and facts collected globally and nationwide, more and more people appear to prefer to make online purchases by using a credit card every day. Hence, RHB made the perfect move by making it really easy for customers to apply for a credit cards online and have the benefit of a low-interest rate.

RHB Bank

Feeling the need to narrow the gap between supply and demand, RHB Bank goes the extra mile and they have begun offering credit card facilities with a wide range of benefits in comparison with the other banks, which include cashback reward for cardholders as they start to purchase more using a credit card.

For companies, RHB Bank offers incomparable banking solutions. Application for commercial loans together with corporate and investment banking are amongst the various kinds of services provided. For interested partners, the can likewise sign up for the Bank’s asset management services.

Small-medium enterprises are amongst those who are able to benefit from the most benefits. They really are welcomed to obtain loans should capital injection becomes necessary when they scale their businesses. In addition to that, RHB Bank even provides retails solutions to the appropriate customers, particularly people in the e-commerce business.

Nevertheless, RHB Bank has never overlooked the need for Islamic banking facilities. In Malaysia, Syariah-compliant offerings are highly demanded. Therefore, products or services that include wealth management, unit trust, Islamic treasury, and corporate banking are particularly formulated to assure that all transactions adhere to the Syariah requirement.

RHB Bank has witnessed a 24% annual brand value increase in 2016 which automatically places them within the top 5 positions for banks in the local market. In anticipation of the upcoming market growth, the Bank has started strategizing a much more proactive approach to keep its growth rate steady for a long period.