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Lafarge ProSolutions: The Building Material Leader in Malaysia

Look at construction trends, a person probably looks at the tallest building, right? Right here, in Malaysia, the other construction development is green building. With the amount of building material company within the market, thinking about to choose is difficult. We have to introduce Lafarge ProSolutions to you and also make it your first preference.

More knowledge about Lafarge ProSolutions

In facts, a majority of mega projects in Malaysia like Petronas Twin Towers, Penang Bridge, Rapid LRT Line, and KLIA is using Lafarge ProSolutions’ goods. Despite than that, its items also made for personal users to have a sustain and delightful ideal house. Lafarge ProSolutions is always for customers. You can even DIY certain small projects such as wall plastering or floor tiling with Lafarge ProSolutions’s range of products. No matter what kind of walls and what types of flooring, Lafarge ProSolutions have all for you.


Well-known for the cement products, Lafarge ProSolutions caters the different needs of businesses and individuals with its range of cement products that can be bought in bulk and bag. With 3 integrated cement plants and 2 grinding stations throughout Peninsular Malaysia, it aims to produce high-quality cement products to their buyers.

types of flooring


Another category of products from Lafarge ProSolution is its QuickMix. Its QuickMix solutions are available as an adhesive, base coat and top coat. Whether if you’d like to create the perfect walls for the dream house or luxurious-looking floors for a hotel, Lafarge ProSolution has an appropriate product for you.


Concrete is among the most used widely building material in the world and its utilized in the construction of buildings, bridges, and megastructures like pavements. Lafarge ProSolutions provides different varieties of concrete products in order to meet the growing demand throughout the construction industry.


Lafarge ProSolutions has not just offered high-quality products, in addition, they provide a various variety of services. One of the services they have is training and tech support. They offer technical advice, including organizing tailored training modules and workshops for their customers.

Health & Safety

Safety and health play the main issue in building construction. Take it simple with Lafarge ProSolutions by demonstrating Visible Personal Commitment (VPC). With VPC, incidents and injuries from your construction project might be reduced or avoid. In addition to that, it can certainly improve employee commitment and engagement.

Innovation Hub

Apart from that, Lafarge ProSolutions is promoting an Innovative Hub to manage industry issues and generate innovative solutions. Lafarge Innovation Hub partners up with Lafarge Research Centre in France and also collaborate with government stakeholders, professionals, and educational institutions.

It is no doubt that Lafarge ProSolutions stands out as the building material leader in Malaysia along with the thorough products or services which it offers. If you are interested to explore more about Lafarge ProSolutions’ range of products and services and their operation, please visit their website. Check out the website now at https://lafargeprosolutions.com/