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4 Tips For a Better Video Interview Experience

Thanks to the internet, the way we recruited has changed for the better. For example, we now have online job recruitment sites like Jobstreet Singapore that give employers a broader reach to potential candidates.

Video calls, remote access and teleconferences are also now possible with the internet, making physical workplaces a thing of the past. For HR recruiters, this is a time for new opportunities when recruiting through video calls.

Here are some tips you should remember when conducting video interviews:

Choose a private location

Before a video interview begins, scout for a quiet and isolated place. This place should be free from interruptions or sudden appearances of other colleagues. The place where you conduct video interviews should also be clean and neat, as it shows professionalism and competency. You wouldn’t want something to suddenly appear during a video interview and distract both you and the potential employee.

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Keep the area quiet

Interviewing in a noisy environment is always a bad idea. It leaves a poor impression of your company, and it also interrupts your train of thought, affecting your ability to conduct an interview properly. This is why it’s crucial for brief your colleagues and ask for their cooperation as the interview is going on.

Maintain eye contact

Most HR professionals have experience dealing with interviews in real life, but conducting a video interview has its set of challenges, including maintaining eye contact. Some people find the lack of a physical presence challenging to communicate with, and others make the mistake of focusing on the candidate’s image rather than the camera lens. Remember, the candidate views you from the camera lens.

Practice makes perfect

No matter how much we talk about it, the best way to improve your video interviewing skills is through practice. By conducting more interviews, you will learn how to pick up body language, tone of voice and signs of an excellent candidate. You also improve yourself by recording yourself rehearsing and rewatching your video.


With the emergence of internet and video interviews, the war of talent continues to heat up. For optimal employer branding and positive candidate experience, HR professionals need to step up their game and improve their recruitment process.

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